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Long island
alternative wedding venue

Your Dream Alternative Wedding Awaits at Gotham

Gotham is the best choice for couples seeking an elegant wedding venue on Long Island.


Located in Hauppauge, NY, our venue features stunning settings perfect for ceremonies and receptions of any size.


Our dedicated team works closely with you to tailor every aspect of your wedding, from custom catering menus to décor, ensuring your day is as unique as your love story.


Experience unparalleled service and create unforgettable memories at Gotham.

Elegant Spaces for Your Special Day

Gotham is the embodiment of intimate elegance, the perfect setting for your wedding day in Hauppauge, NY. 


Our venue offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that's ideal for celebrating your love among close friends and family. 

Imagine an intimate ceremony followed by a reception where every guest feels like a part of your story, with cozy spaces that encourage conversation and connection. 


Our charming venue is designed with attention to detail, from the ambient lighting that sets the mood to the stylish décor that complements your wedding theme.


We pride ourselves on our personalized service, ensuring that your wedding reflects the uniqueness of your bond. Our expert team is dedicated to arranging every detail to your liking, that add a touch of natural beauty to your celebration. 


At Gotham, your wedding will be a heartfelt event, filled with the love and laughter of those you hold dear. Let us create an enchanting experience that honors the essence of your union, making your special day an unforgettable testament to your love.

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