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Long island Tactical Laser tag

Epic Tactical Laser Tag Battles Await

Gotham brings you the ultimate Tactical Laser Tag experience on Long Island, located in Hauppauge, NY.


Dive into an immersive world where strategy, teamwork, and skill lead to victory. Our state-of-the-art arena is designed to challenge players of all ages, making it the perfect activity for family outings, birthday parties, or corporate team-building events.


With advanced equipment and various game modes, each visit promises a new adventure.


Ready to prove your skills on the battlefield? Gotham is your destination for unforgettable laser tag action.


Book your session today and let the games begin!

Step Into the Ultimate Laser Tag Arena

Step into Gotham's laser tag arena, where heart-pounding excitement meets cutting-edge technology. This is more than just a game, this is a thrilling escapade that sharpens the mind and ignites the spirit. 

Our battlefield is stocked with obstacles and hiding spots that mimic themed combat zones, providing the ultimate challenge for every skill level. T


Gotham’s Tactical Laser Tag is about more than just play; it's about building bonds, strategizing with teammates, and creating moments that stick with you long after the scores are tallied. 


Whether it's a friendly competition among friends or a team building quest for your next corporate event, each game is a journey through a labyrinth of fun and excitement. 


Embrace the thrill, celebrate each hit, and march towards triumph one laser strike at a time. It’s all waiting for you here, where every shot is a story, and every match is a memory in the making.


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